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Event: Weihnachtsmarkt
Veranstalter: Demo Company GMBH

This document tells you information about event organizer (us) and the legal terms and conditions on which you can use the services of this website, that has relation to our events.

About us

COMPANY NAME (we) is an event company from CITY. The spectrum of our events reaches from concerts of international and national artists, over dance shows up to classical ballet and theater. Our focus is particularly on events ???.

Website use

We use this website for event management, distributing/selling tickets, communication with customers and partners, organizing prize draw etc. If you are using this website you accept both our Terms and conditions and General terms and conditions of this website.

Data protection and privacy

When using this website we completely follow the general rules of this website to keep the private data safe and to follow all legal requirements related to data and privacy protection. For more detailed information see general Terms of this website.

Personal data usage for contacting

We use personal data of individuals and companies in cases that are required to organize events. We contact individuals and companies to invite them to take part in the event. Before contacting you we ask you if you are interested to receive our information. We do not contact you in case if you unsubscribe from receiving our information.

We may contact individual or company who participated in prize draw if they win the prize to inform them how to get there prize.

We may contact partner or advertising company to inform about activities related to our event in case if these partners or advertisers should or can be involved.

We contact users to send them tickets, invoices, reports or any other documents related to organization of event in case if the document is concerned to the user.


We are using this website as a customer and we are not responsible for any website services. For detailed information see the general website's Terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions for event visitors

Tickets for an event are issued/delivered/checked electronically. You can get your ticket on the website or it can be delivered to you with email. You can print your ticket yourself or you can have the ticket in electronic form on your mobile device so that is will be possible to scan QR code on the ticket. Tickets are checked at the entrance to each event location. The right is also reserved to check the authorization of the ticket holder.

Ticket copying, alteration or imitation, etc. is strictly prohibited. Any of such manipulated tickets are not valid.

Ticket resale or trading at unofficial prices is strictly prohibited. Tickets acquired in this way are not valid. In case of such suspicion we reserve the right to block the respective tickets and/or ticket box without any reimbursement.

Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged except in case of event cancellation. If an event is canceled, tickets may be returned up to 30 (thirty) days after announcing cancellation if announced by the event organizer. Tickets purchased by credit card via the website can be refunded directly to the respective credit card. In all other cases, visitor should contact us directly for further instructions.

You should keep the ticket till the end of the event and shown on demand. Event visitors must follow the instructions of the personnel at the event. Persons violating these regulations will not only be banned from the event, but may also be held liable for damages compensation.


Terms and conditions for prize draw participants

Prizes for prize draw are provided by advertisement partners (companies or individuals). In some cases we can take prizes from advertisement partners to give them to winners of prize draw during event. In other cases if advertisement partners present on the event they can give prize to the winner. next option is when prize should be received from advertisement partners in there office or in another place. The winner can contact advertisement partner who provided the prize to know exactly where and when he/she cab get the prize.

In any case the conditions of receiving prize are written on the winner page, that participant can see he/she wins the prize. If participant lost the information about prize (prize number) than it is possible to see this information if you enter any of your identification data (email or mobile) that you used during participation in prise draw. To check your participation/prize info page just click on the link "Check participation results" on the webpage of event.


Terms and conditions for partners/advertisers/promoters

On some events there are trading places for partners where they can sell/represent there goods/services. In this case partners register on the special page and after paying the bill we provide them with all necessary information. In each special event we provide partners with detailed information about conditions and provide necessary infrastructure like electricity, water, heating etc (if it is possible for this event).

On some events there are advertisement points where interested companies or individuals can place there advertisement. In this case advertisers should register on special page and after paying the bill we provide them with all necessary information. In each special even can be different conditions and options for advertisement placement. From our side we closely cooperate with advertisers to provide them with the best service for advertisement placement.

On some events we organize promotional prize draw where interested companies or individuals can promote there goods/services by providing prizes for prise draw. In this case promoters should register on special page and after paying the bill we provide them with all necessary information. Promoters must provide detailed information about prize and should clearly state when, where and how the winner can get the prise. Any questions/problems related to prises is the subject of conversation between promoter and winner. We can provide some help to both sides, but we take no responsibility for any problems in relation to prize itself or for inappropriate behavior of the parties to the dispute.


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When using this website you accept all listed Terms and conditions
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